I started this law firm because I want to help people do extraordinary things. Philadelphia is a great city and its people have much untapped potential. My passion is for helping entrepreneurs and business owners do what they do best – build innovative businesses and expand possibilities.

Entrepreneurs never dream of spending their time on legal questions, lawsuits or estate plans. But knowing that your legal issues are competently handled provides peace of mind and allows you focus on what matters most. A great lawyer can guide you through the legal issues and free up your time to do what you love.

Many times problems that lead to a lawsuit can be prevented. In the ideal world, legal matters would resolve quickly and never go to trial, but sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable. My unique combination of sound legal counsel combined with trial experience can help you anticipate potential issues before they arise.

In short, I know what you need and how to get you there.

Please call me with your questions at 484-690-4613.  Also, sign up below for helpful information.