Cheat Sheet To Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Michael Daiello is a personal injury attorney providing assistance to the Philadelphia community. Mr. Daiello is dedicated to finding justice for you through the American legal system as a result of an injury that you’ve sustained that is the fault of someone or something that could have otherwise been avoided.

Whether you were injured in your home, at work, in your car, or in a public environment, hiring an attorney trained in personal injury will give you the best chance of winning a case and earning compensation as a result of your pain and suffering.

personal injury attorney

Unsure if hiring a personal injury attorney is right for you? Keep reading to find out the 5 main things to consider after sustaining an unlawful injury.

1. Determine the fault of the injury.

If you are able to make a case that a third party is liable for the damages you incurred, you may want to think about the idea of pursuing legal action. Make sure that you are willing and able to demonstrate all of the documents, photos, and information needed to make a strong case.

2. Are you entitled to receive monetary compensation?

The best way to figure out whether or not you are able to receive compensation is through a bar-certified personal injury attorney. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to more money than you think.

3. Make sure to file your lawsuit in time.

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, you only have a certain amount of time to get through the process. Also known as the “statute of limitations”, this timeframe starts the moment you are harmed or discover the harm done to you. It’s better to act quickly than regret not taking action when it’s already too late.

4. Handing the insurance claim.

It’s never quite clear just how to properly go about filing your claim to the insurance company. A certified personal injury attorney will guide you through this process all the way up until a settlement is reached.

5. Do you really need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Some people prefer to handle a dispute themselves, and if that person is you, make sure you have all of the most recent information at your disposal so that you don’t leave anything to chance or on the table. For the rest of you who are still undecided on whether or not to hire an a personal injury attorney: Lawyers such as Mike Daiello have years of experience dealing with cases just like yours. If you want to ensure you maximize the debt that is owed to you at the expense of injury, having a skilled attorney on your side is your best bet.

Questions about the process of hiring a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, or still wondering if you even have a case to make, call Mike Daiello today for a FREE consultation!

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