As a foreclosure defense attorney to property owners, Michael Daiello helps his clients save money and reduce stress.

Solutions to Mortgage Foreclosure

As your attorney through a foreclosure process, here are some ways we may be able to help you:

  • Legal advice and strategy sessions with legal options and recommendations
  • Review proposals and legal documents with the lender
  • Negotiations with your lender for short sales or a deed in lieu
  • Assistance with loan modifications
  • Aggressive representation in a foreclosure case
  • Filing and appearing in emergency petitions for sheriff sales and ejectment actions
  • Avoid scams
  • Stay in your home or leave under your own terms

As a homeowner or small business,

you have many more options than you realize.

Stay in Your Home or Commercial Property

A person receiving a notice of foreclosure often wrongly assumes there’s nothing they can do. We provide legal advice and strategy to help you make the best decisions, and defend your interests against the lender.

Negotiate a Short or Long Term Modification of a Loan

Homeowners and small business behind on mortgage payments cannot afford to pay the entire balance needed to catch up. One option is a loan modification. A successful modification can allow a property owner to remain in their home or continue a business operation.

Challenge the Foreclosure Case in Court

We defend homeowners and businesses facing a foreclosure in the courts. If you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, we fight foreclosure actions against your home or commercial property.

Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

A short sale is an agreement between you and your lender to settle the mortgage for less than the amount owed. A short sale can help you get your finances and credit back on track more quickly and avoid a foreclosure action.

The best time to call is now. You may have many good options before the process starts. Your options fall away the further the process moves on.

Explore All Your Options During Foreclosure

There are many points along the lengthy foreclosure process that property owners can use to their advantage. Some of the options include negotiation with the lender for modifications of the mortgage, a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

As a foreclosure defense firm, we can explore your options no matter where you are in the process. If a lender files a foreclosure case, we can file an appearance in the case, contest the lawsuit, attend court hearings, and file motions on your behalf. Even if the lender successfully concludes the foreclosure case, your rights do not conclude. Our firm also defends the rights of property owners during a sheriff sale process and ejectment actions.

Don’t Abandon Rights to Your Home or Commercial Property

A person receiving a notice of foreclosure often wrongly assumes there’s nothing they can do. Ignoring a foreclosure can create even worse consequences after a final judgment including deep damage to credit, deficiency judgments and loss of equity in the property.

You may have multiple options which are better than ignoring a legal situation. The most important thing is to take action as soon as possible. You will be better off by addressing the problem than by resigning yourself to suffer the consequences.

Aggressive Representation in Foreclosure Lawsuits

If you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, the lender will eventually file a foreclosure action. There may be very good reasons to fight the foreclosure case in your particular situation. You may be able to stay in your house or business property for a long time after the complaint is filed even if the lender wants you out. Delaying foreclosure can also provide you time to explore other options.

A foreclosure case is a complex legal process. We can help protect your rights in a foreclosure case and help you meet your goals. Along the way, we will help guide you to the best outcome possible and reduce the stress of a legal situation.







I’m very pleased to say Mike is an excellent professional. I found him because of an article he wrote but it turned out to be a great choice. Mike is not only a highly capable lawyer, he is well versed in a broad range of areas of the law. I’d certainly recommend him to others and will ask for his help in the future.

My partner and I had some title issues that needed to be resolved before we could purchase a property. Mr. Daiello was very personable and had a wealth of knowledge when it came to our real estate needs. He helped boost our business income and kept things on schedule. If anyone was on the fence about finding a good firm, I would tell you that Michael is by far one of the best attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.




    As a foreclosure defense attorney to homeowners and commercial property owners, I help my clients save money and reduce stress. I provide sound guidance and legal strategies so that you can make clear decisions. Many foreclosure cases can be avoided by negotiations with a lender. But if a foreclosure case is filed, I am an aggressive advocate for your home or commercial property interests through litigation and trial.