Are you living with daily pain because of an accident? Did you suffer injury due to a dog bite or an unprovoked attack?

It’s not your fault.

A personal injury can have a detrimental impact on your daily life affecting: work performance, temperament, and even marital relations.

If somebody else’s negligence has left you with scars, lacerations, back pain, broken bones, daily suffering, and/or requiring ongoing medical care, our office can help you fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.



Owners of dogs have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are under control and properly trained. Untrained dogs jeopardize the safety of others. When a dog isn’t properly supervised, the dog owner puts you at risk of a dog attack or bite injury.

A dog bite victim may be left with medical bills and serious permanent injuries and scars. Attorney Michael Daiello is here to hold dog owners responsible for the injuries they cause. We fight to ensure your rights are protected and to the compensation you deserve.

A dog back attack can result in serious personal injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. A survivor of a dog attack may be dealing with post-attack trauma, emotional distress and mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, and more.

Michael Daiello is a skillful litigation attorney with years of experience.  Specializing in personal injury, Mr. Daiello is an advocate for victims in the Philadelphia community, which he also calls home.  As a highly skilled and experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Daiello has a long history of winning difficult cases for accident victims.

In working with Mr. Daiello, you gain hope and peace of mind.  

Michael Daiello will:

  • Put his years of experience to work – Your case won’t be first time he’s dealt with your problem
  • Provide hope and security – A seasoned professional handling the problem for you
  • Listen to you and understand what you are going through
  • Help you win maximum compensation for your suffering

You don’t have to suffer alone and continue to live in pain and distress. The types of cases we handle most often are…

Dog bites

unprovoked dog bites and attacks

Motor Vehicle Accidents

cars, bicycles, victims of drunk driving, pedestrians, and hit and run incidents

Premise Liability

sidewalk or store slip and fall

Toppled Stretcher Victims

injuries caused by untrained or negligent ambulance attendants


victims of unprovoked attacks, or forcible removal from a home or business

SEPTA Accidents

SEPTA bus collisions or fall downs while riding a bus

If you or someone you love sustained an injury in an accident or unprovoked attack, seek justice by calling our office today. We will evaluate your case and advise you on the best way to protect your rights, at no cost to you.



“A good friend of mine who works in the legal system referred me to Michael.  My phone call to him was the best choice I could have made. Michael stood by and guided me through a very tough and nerve racking time. He is professional and accomplished, but never too busy to return an email.”

“We wanted to thank you once again for all of your efforts. Thanks for being honest and a genuine person. Good luck in your career!”




Michael Daiello is a litigation attorney providing assistance to the Philadelphia community. A skilled trial lawyer, Mr. Daiello routinely obtains successful trial verdicts for businesses and real estate developers related to property disputes and real estate transactions.

He also frequently assists the Philadelphia community with estate administration matters including representation in probate hearings and the preparation of estate planning documents such as wills and powers of attorney.

Whether you are an individual seeking an aggressive advocate, or a local business in need of skillful representation, Michael Daiello is dedicated to finding justice for you through the American legal system.