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We understand that sometimes you have legal questions that can’t wait a week or even a day to be answered. Whether you are a seller, buyer, tenant, landlord, or developer, we bring years of experience to solve your real estate problems. We will fight for and help you through buying or selling your home, evictions, ejectments, ownership disputes, clearing title of encumbrances and any other legal problems you have. Call today for your case evaluation.

Real Estate Law

When you find yourself buying or selling a home, involved in a landlord / tenant dispute, or need to protect the ownership of your property, we will stand by your side to find an individualized answer to your problems.

Call us today to get the help you need.

Buy The Home You’ve Dreamed About

We understand how it feels to buy a home. It may be the largest financial transaction of your life. After all the time you spent to find the perfect home, make sure you have the right person by your side to protect your investment. Ensure your deed is properly prepared, you sign the right documents, and your interests are protected at your closing. Call us today to learn how we are the law firm to help you through your purchase.

Sell Your Property While Conserving
Your Money and Time

Are you wondering “How do I make the most money from my sale?”  Whether you are selling your home, your inheritance property or an investment, ensure that you have the right guide to walk you through it. You never want to walk into a closing feeling like you could make a costly mistake.  Call our law firm to help you protect yourself from someone else’s oversight.

Secure the Title to Your Property

Do you need to secure your property’s title? Are you concerned that issues with the chain of title could interfere with your ownership of the property? Properties bought through a foreclosure or tax sale run the risk of ownership challenges. Get the security you need with a lawyer who knows the ropes.

Like you we are frustrated by how long it can take to secure a title. Navigating the court system is difficult unless you are experienced in real estate litigation. Call our law firm to help you get the job done quickly at a price you can afford.

Fight for your Property Ownership Rights

We know there are times when you need to stand up for your property ownership rights.  Do you know what to do when your ownership or full use of your property is at stake?  Neighbors, relatives, fraudulent persons or prior owners may try to take your property.  They may challenge your title, assert an easement, argue over your property line, trespass on your space, commit a nuisance or claim adverse possession.  Call us when legal action is needed and you need a lawyer who will make sure your interests prevail.

Landlords – Protect Your Property

Do you need someone to help you get justice in your landlord tenant relationship?  Delinquent tenants cost you time and money. Conserve your investment by calling our law firm to speak with a lawyer who knows how to get the job done.

Tenants – Fight For Your Rights

Are you a tenant victimized by an unscrupulous landlord?  Learn your options and fight for your rights.  With our firm by your side, we will discuss options to help you stay in your home, get reimbursement of your rent and force a landlord to make repairs. Call us to have the right law firm standing beside you.


“A good friend of mine who works in the legal system referred me to Michael.  My phone call to him was the best choice I could have made. Michael stood by and guided me through a very tough and nerve racking time. He is professional and accomplished, but never too busy to return an email.”

“We wanted to thank you once again for all of your efforts. Thanks for being honest and a genuine person. Good luck in your career!”




Michael Daiello is a litigation attorney providing assistance to the Philadelphia community. A skilled trial lawyer, Mr. Daiello routinely obtains successful trial verdicts for businesses and real estate developers related to property disputes and real estate transactions.

He also frequently assists the Philadelphia community with estate administration matters including representation in probate hearings and the preparation of estate planning documents such as wills and powers of attorney.

Whether you are an individual seeking an aggressive advocate, or a local business in need of skillful representation, Michael Daiello is dedicated to finding justice for you through the American legal system.