Michael Daiello is a skilled real estate attorney with years of experience. He is a trial lawyer who brings and defends lawsuits for real estate developers and homeowners in Philadelphia. Our firm handles all aspects of commercial litigation, lease agreements, real estate fraud cases, title disputes and more.


Are you a real estate investor or real estate developer?

Hiring a real estate attorney for your team is one of the most important decisions to consider as a real estate investor. You can’t afford to hire an inexperienced lawyer and put your investments at risk. The right attorney with experience in anticipating problems will help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks.  

Are you a homeowner with a real estate legal problem?

Do you have an ownership dispute or a problem with the title to your home? Issues with the chain of title could interfere with your ownership and prevent you from selling your property. An experienced attorney is necessary to ensure you are protected.

Here are just some of the problems we can help you resolve:

  • Title or ownership disputes
  • Correcting problems in chain of title
  • Obtaining mortgage satisfactions
  • Quiet Title lawsuits
  • Ejectments of squatters and holdovers
  • Legal issues with tax sale properties
  •  Drafting deeds
  •  Correcting defects in deeds
  •  Right of redemption cases
  •  Commercial lease disputes
  •  Commercial evictions
  •  Boundary and easement disputes

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Whether you are a real estate developer, investor, business owner, homeowner, or an heir to an estate, we bring years of experience to guide you through your real estate matters.

Fight for your Property Ownership Rights

Real estate fraud is a major problem in the City of Philadelphia. Owners of unoccupied properties are especially at risk. We know there are times when you need to stand up for your property ownership rights. Unscrupulous people may file a fraudulent deed, assert an easement or argue over your boundary line.  

A “Quiet Title” action is a lawsuit against another person to resolve a challenge or claim to the title. A typical ground for complaint includes the fraudulent conveyance of a property, perhaps by a forged deed or under coercion. If you believe you have been the victim of deed fraud or other dispute, it is critical to act quickly to protect your rights.

Secure the Title to Your Property

Are you concerned that issues with the chain of title could interfere with your ownership of a property? Deed fraud and unsatisfied mortgages are a common title problem. Investment properties purchased through a tax sale run their own unique ownership challenges. A former owner of a property sold at a tax sale may have the right to redeem the property. If your legal rights to a property bought at a tax sale are at risk, a real estate lawyer may be able to help.

Obtain Proof of a Paid Mortgage

It is standard practice for a mortgage company to record a document called a mortgage satisfaction when you have paid off a mortgage. Unfortunately, in some cases a mortgage satisfaction is never recorded. If the mortgage company later went out of business or merged with another bank, you may have difficulty selling your property without a mortgage satisfaction. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain the mortgage satisfaction you need.

Remove Squatters and Holdovers

A person who has no lawful right to reside in a property and does not have an oral or written lease agreement must be ejected. This kind of person is also called a “squatter” or “holdover.” An ejectment action is a lawsuit to remove someone from a property when there is no lease agreement in place. The ejectment process is highly technical because it requires an appearance before a judge and knowledge of the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.

Draft Commercial Leases

Properly drafted lease agreements pay dividends in the future. Our firm sees the big picture, anticipates obstacles ahead, and helps you avoid unanticipated problems.

Commercial Evictions

A real estate lawyer can provide assistance where a commercial tenant must be evicted from a property. It is illegal to lock a tenant out of a property without proper legal proceedings. Our firm has extensive experience with commercial real estate evictions in Philadelphia.


“Initially me and my partner had some title issues that needed to be resolved before we could purchase a property that we had shown interest in. Mr. Daiello was very personable and had a wealth of knowledge when it came to our real estate needs. Michael Daiello helped boost our business gross income and also helped with keeping things on schedule and clear cut when dealing with title issues. If anyone was on the fence about finding a good firm to utilize, I would tell you that Michael Daiello is by far one of the best attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He is not only a well-seasoned attorney but also a honest individual!”

“Thank you so much for your assistance, it was greatly appreciated! Job well done!!”

Real Estate Case Studies

Home Recovered for Swindled Elderly Man in Philadelphia

Justice was found an elderly South Philadelphia gentleman who was swindled out of a property which he owned for many years.  Our client is an 86 year old man who was approached by two defendants offering to buy his property. According to our client, the defendants came to him with a brown paper bag containing $4,000 cash. After a brief discussion, the defendants gave the money to him as an initial down payment towards the full purchase price “to be decided later.” Unfortunately, the elderly gentleman never saw another dime despite the property being worth an estimated $40,000 to $65,000.  

The case proceeded to trial after unsuccessful settlement negotiations.  The defendants testified during the trial that our client “gifted” the property after payment of the $4,000.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Eugene Maier found in favor of our client. Judge Maier stated in his findings that the defendants’ testimony that the property was a “gift” was not credible and was totally without merit.  The Court ordered the Recorder of Deeds to file a new deed recording our client as the sole owner of the property.

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Disclaimer: While we’re proud of our past victories, please note that past results are not indicative of future results and each case is unique.

Philadelphia Resident Transforms An Attempted Eviction Into Huge Settlement

A lifelong resident of Point Breeze recovered a large settlement after his own son tried to evict him from his home.

An elderly man worked hard at his blue collar job throughout his life.  30 years ago, his son won a mortgage lottery qualifying him for a home mortgage.  The father had some savings for a mortgage down payment but lacked the credit needed for a mortgage. So, the father and son made an oral agreement where title to their home was placed in the son’s name, but the father paid the down payment.  They also agreed to split the mortgage payments.  As it turned out, the father ended up paying most of the mortgage for 30 years while the son lived out of state.  Unfortunately, the father never asked the son to transfer the deed to his name even though he took on the mortgage.

In an act of shocking betrayal, the son attempted to sell the house out from under the father, keep all the proceeds for himself and force his father out on the street.  

We partnered with the father to stop the eviction and force the son to share the proceeds of the sale. After a hard fought battle by the father, our firm helped him stop the eviction and force the son to share the proceeds of the sale. The son decided not to risk open court against this solid case against him, and he settled the case.    

Our client used his share of the proceeds to purchase his own new home.  He is currently living in his own home with his wife and daughter.

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Disclaimer: While we’re proud of our past victories, please note that past results are not indicative of future results and each case is unique.




As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have passionately poured time and money to build your dream. As a litigation attorney to real estate developers and investors, I help my clients avoid costly mistakes and resolve disputes. It is always better to avoid a costly mistake than it is to resolve a legal case. I provide sound guidance so that you can avoid pitfalls and focus on your passion – not legal cases. But if a dispute is unavoidable, I am an aggressive advocate for your real estate and business interests through litigation and trial.